20 Minuten article "Thanks to CBD I have no more pain"

Last week on the pages of 20 Minuten this was published article, since it is not available in Italian, we have provided to translate it. ”Flowers, oil, capsules or herbs with CBD these are the variants offered. A popular CBD shop in Zurich is always crowded, people line up and wait for new merchandise arrivals. But why do you want to try CBD, what is the effect? Here are the customer responses. <Helps me live with pain> Diana Widmer (58), Salmsach TG: I have suffered for 30 years from chronic pain, muscle cramps, headaches and spasms. But my lungs can't tolerate smoking. For this I tried CBD oil to release tension. Even if it tastes awful it works. The pains don't go away but my muscles are more relaxed. All without being clouded or my psyche manipulated. I believe the effect is influenced by the dosage. I only need a few drops in a sugar cube to live better with my pains. <My depression disappeared thanks to CBD> Mark B. (42) *: Due to my mental problems, I had to take some pills. Then I tried CBD for the first time, first with drops, then I smoked it. My tension and my ups and downs have suddenly disappeared. Hemp has dulled my illness and seems much more effective than all the tablets I had taken before. I am more relaxed and I am no longer depressed, I look at life with more motivation. This also affected the environment around me. Furthermore, CBD has no negative effects. It is different from traditional weed, I am not hungry and my mouth is not dry. I now only consume CBD. <CBD gave me back my quality of life> PN (65) *: For a long time I struggled with severe pain caused by muscle spasms. Then I heard about the pain relieving effect of CBD capsules and bought them. The product is expensive, but it really helps. Since I have been taking the capsules with a little water, the pain is almost gone. It gave me back the quality of my life. The capsules on me have a calming effect. <I drink pollen with warm milk> UB (59) *: CBD works wonders. A few drops of oil on the tongue and soon after I feel better. My joint and muscle pains become more bearable. If the pain is not too severe, it disappears completely after taking the oil. An acquaintance of mine grows hemp and sells it. I take hemp pollen from him and put it in milk. Then I drink this mix that affects my pains. I would never smoke hemp.   * Name known to the editor   Being a translation, some words may have been translated incorrectly, we limited ourselves to reporting the news as we read it, at the beginning you will find the link to the article in German.