The first substitute of Ticinese tobacco is available on CBD360

purexis pureflower

On 24 March the canton of Ticino issued the first retail license of Canapa Light to Purexis in Manno, a few days ago the company's product, sold as a substitute for tobacco, was finally put on sale. CBD360 is pleased to offer it in record time and in preview to its customers! The first substitute for Ticinese Tobacco is therefore available for purchase on our website !! Pureflower red and Pureflower purple

Currently available in two varieties, “Pureflower red” and “Pureflower purple”, a third product is planned to be introduced. The inflorescences are of Cannabis sativa L. with THC <1%, indoor grown hemp. For more details on the percentages of CBD and THC, please refer to the product sheet. Obviously the products can only be purchased by those who are 18+ years old.



Here is a short video from TSI on Manno's Purexis and the authorization to sell light hemp products in Ticino. LINK