How is CBD extracted from cannabis?

Extract CBD

Cannabidiol (CBD), one of the main cannabinoids found in the trichomes of the cannabis plant, has gained a lot of attention in recent years, as more studies have shown a variety of potential applications. It is possible to find CBD in almost all types of cannabis plants.

Varieties of cannabis containing high values ​​of THC, the psychoactive substance.
Varieties of cannabis specifically grown to have a high CBD value and a low THC value.

CBD has been scientifically studied and several studies are still in progress that try to prove its therapeutic efficacy, thanks to which it would be possible to treat various problems associated with the nervous system. This type of research is highly developed in the United States, and is attracting more and more public attention about its possible application for chronic pain, inflammation, schizophrenia, migraines, arthritis, spasms and epilepsy.

There are several ways to extract the CBD. If the variety contains mostly CBD (such as industrial cannabis or cannabis genetics with high CBD content); there are several methods of extraction, some very simple and requiring little equipment.

The most common extraction methods use a solvent. This can be a liquid solvent, CO2 or an oil-based solvent. If the plant material contains THC and CBD, the process of separation of CBD from other cannabinoids is more complex and generally requires professional equipment. It contains dry plant material and the third chamber separates the finished product.

Once the CBD is extracted, based on the extraction method used, a CBD oil is obtained, more or less dense, which can be used for further processing.
It is also possible through a more complicated procedure to isolate pure CBD crystals.

Be careful not to confuse CBD Oil and Hemp Oil.
The first one is the one we talked about above, the second one is obtained from the processing of hemp seeds, so it does not contain THC or CBD but it is widely used for food because of its high content of good fats, Omega 3 and Omega 6 , or used in the preparation of cosmetics, creams and lotions.