CBD e-liquid against tobacco addiction

The electronic cigarette, vaping, is a growing phenomenon among those who are looking to quit with their own tobacco addiction. Today there are many flavored e-liquids. You can order natural flavors such as strawberry, peach, orange, vanilla, to name just a few. Some e-liquid producers, including the Americans, wanted to innovate production with an "energizing" e-liquid flavored with cannabis leaf extract. The French producers then created an e-liquid with a component of cannabis, cannabidiol or CBD. In the meantime, Swiss manufacturers have developed some extraction techniques that further improve the taste and consistency of the product.

What is the CBD?

It is an important component of the cannabis plant called cannabidiol; cannabidiol is a substance extracted from cannabis, a cannabinoid. This substance acts on some receptors in the body to relieve some types of pain. CBD is biologically active, but it is not a psycho-active substance. Unlike another component of cannabis, THC, CBD does not cause the sensation of "ecstasy". In fact, CBD is used in therapy by doctors for the treatment of various diseases due to its multiple properties. CBD can cure many ailments suffered by some subjects, among them, for example, people with diabetes. It is used for its anti-inflammatory properties, as an analgesic, as an antispasmodic, antipsychotic and also has anticonvulsant properties. According to recent medical studies, CBD would also have a beneficial effect on some types of cancer.

THC substance

Another molecule present in cannabis is THC, which is an active component of cannabis. THC is responsible for the euphoric effect (psychotic) which causes the consumption of cannabis. Its level varies from one hemp plant to another, the higher its level is, the more psychotropic effects are important: this is why the risk of cannabis dependence is high.

E-liquid with hemp extracts

The electronic cigarette with hemp extract has no psychotropic effects caused by cannabis itself, as well as the e-liquid with hemp extract because it does not contain THC or contains in a very negligible part. According to the manufacturers of e-liquids, vaping, this new use of electronic cigarette produces only a feeling of well-being, relaxation, and particular relief during times of stress. With the production of this e-cigarette, the producers emphasize that this approach is perfectly legal as it is used for the composition of the eliquido only hemp with very negligible THC residues, and therefore there are no psychoactive effects. E-liquid, vaping. There are studies that explain that hemp extracts with a low THC content (THC <1%) would be a great help for people who are addicted to cannabis.

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