Is CBD also for animals?!? Yes, it would seem to have potential

Although several companies already market, especially in the United States, cbd products also intended for animals, for the most part domestic animals such as dogs and cats, the administration of cannabinoids to animals still arouses perplexity, controversy and mistrust. However, science has succeeded in demonstrating that there are some important benefits, similar to those observed in humans. In the body of almost all mammals, to which even the human being belongs, there is an endocannabinoid system that allows compounds such as CBD to interact within the organism.

CBD has proven to be extremely effective against some debilitating symptoms for humans, such as seizures and some inflammatory diseases. It is therefore quite understandable that you hope to get positive results even on your pets. So far, the results are encouraging and the life of the animals would seem to have benefited according to those who used them, but further research is needed because obviously every animal and different from the other and especially the different weight is a value to be held in strong consideration.

A Repubblica article of a few months you can read here reports a testimony from the USA.

It is right that the research goes ahead, like it or not, to the haters of the cannabis that sooner or later they will end the mirrors on which to cling.

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