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The highs and bases of cannabis restrictions

Article translated into Italian. Below in the original English language. Within its preventive parametric quantity, a certain degree of freedom is given in the formulation of national policies given to the parts of the world organization of drug management. Like most multilateral instruments, the conventions of the past are the product of a political compromise that [...]


Article translated into Italian. Below in the original English language. Cannabinoids act considerably in the human body. They are responsible for transmitting the signal to the cannabinoid receptors of the endocannabinoid system, often working to achieve a stable equilibrium between the interdependent element. From an evolutionary point of view, the cannabinoid signaling system is ancient [...]

The 5 methods most used in the world to consume cannabis

Cannabis in the world

The cannabis industry is constantly expanding, different products are put on the market every day, different products for different uses. Let's take a look at what the 5 methods are most common in the world for consuming cannabis. Smoking Probably the oldest and most used method. When you smoke cannabis, you burn it by heating it to [...]

Therapeutic Cannabis and Arthritis

Therapeutic cannabis

Arthritis affects both sexes, as well as children. The stereotypical image of a patient with arthritis is an older person, but it is not always true. This disease affects 1 on 5 adults globally. Medical cannabis is beginning to be recognized as an effective drug, and today there is hope that cannabinoids can [...]

Buy CBD and Cannabis Light in Bitcoin? from us you can!

Buy a CBD product or legal Cannabis by paying in Bitcoin? From today on CBD360 it is possible to do it. Put your products in the shopping cart and during the chekout choose to pay in Bitcoin ... nothing easier! One of the advantages of paying in Bitcoin is the non-traceability of spending and total privacy. Test […]

Hemp, not just the CBD of the inflorescences

Muffin with hemp

Hemp-based products for food use are increasingly used and present in handouts. The hemp seeds from which the flour is made are rich in proteins, "good" fatty acids omega 3 and omega 6 and other important nutrients for our body. Surely on the net you will find much more information to [...]

5 reasons why you should take CBD daily

We report, translating it in Italian an article of the blog "" that summarizes what would be the 5 reasons for which CBD should be taken daily. "There is a fundamental difference between THC and CBD, and even if THC is the part that recreational users are looking for the most, CBD contains the greatest benefits. Naturally, […]

Weaning "off" dependencies

CBD helps weaning "off" addictions such as alcohol or cocaine: Studies have already shown that CBD could help tobacco weaning (nicotine), recently other studies have been published in the British journal Alcohol and Alcoholism (1 ) and the CBD would prove to be a powerful tool for alcohol addictions and [...]

Terpenes in Cannabis

The role of terpenes in cannabis: Terpenes are volatile components produced by many plants as well as by some insects. Plants that produce terpenes often have smells and flavors that we know and perceive as pleasing, such as aromatic herbs. These herbs have always been grown all over the world, not only for perfumery and cooking, but [...]