Legal cannabis light and police control

In the last period several articles have "popped up" on the problem raised by police officers in recognizing legal cannabis with THC <1% from that with THC> 1% and illegal. We do not want to enter into the merits of the discussion, but we would like to give correct information, given that we have read a lot of misinformation, especially in Italian.

The purchase, trade and consumption of cannabis with a THC content of less than 1% is absolutely legal in Switzerland.
The problem is that when the police stop someone in possession of cannabis, on a purely visual analysis, they cannot distinguish if the cannabis in possession has a content of less than 1% THC, so if the agent does not believe the person's word or the evidence provided by him imposes a sanction on him which must be opposed. In this way the ordinary procedure is triggered: the agent makes the report and seizes the substance. The THC content will then be checked in an analysis laboratory. Only when the results indicate that the THC content is actually less than 1%, can you get the product back free of charge and without any penalty.

As desired by various cantonal police forces, we also believe that it is appropriate, in order to avoid unnecessary costs to the community and waste of time for policemen and controlled persons, that the agents are equipped with a quick tool for the control of THC to be used directly on site. .

Photo source CDT